How can our unlikely marriage help you?

Welcome to The Unlikely Marriage!  We’re happy you found us and truly hope you get something positive out of your visit!

We are a very unconventional family.  You see, Ilona is an Orthodox Jew and Lew is a Reform Jew, which means EVERYTHING in our marriage has to be negotiated, compromised, worked thru, and sorted out.  We work at our marriage every day and take nothing for granted.  We work on our communication and have learned to not only hear each other, but listen to each other.  Really listen.  And once you understand the other person’s point of view, it’s much easier to work thru any issues.

At our wedding, we think there were people taking bets as to how long our marriage would really last.  1 year?  6 months?  They’ll screw up the kids!  Yea, well 16 years and three awesome daughters later, I’d say they lost that one.  We continue to amaze our friends and family, if not frustrate the heck out of them whenever we visit.

Our three daughters each have their own special gifts and unique qualities(especially annoying their parents) and we hope to give them a little space to voice their opinions on our website too!

We blog, post videos, pictures, and share our stories with you on our website in hopes that it not only entertains you, but maybe even helps you with wherever you are on your journey, whether you are single or married with your own family.

Stay as long as you’d like and please enjoy!

Be well,

Lew and Ilona

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